Our MTO program in 4 steps allows you not only to design the shoes of your dreams, but also to own a footwear adapted to your morphology.

First Step: Your measurements.

Accurate definition of the lengh and width of your feet.

Second Step: The Last.

Each shoemaker works with its own lasts, from round to square toe, wide to slim. Choose with our help the one that fits you better.

Third Step: Skins & Colors.

Large choice of texture and colors, as well as exotic skins. Possibilty to combine different skins and colors to create a unique pair of shoes.

G&G Black   G&G Moca   G&G Espresso   G&G Rosewood   G&G Bordeaux   G&G Burgundy   G&G Brandy   G&G Navy
G&G Racing Green   G&G Midnight Blue   G&G Vintage Rioja   G&G Vintage Oak   G&G Vintage Chestnut   G&G Vintage Cedar   G&G Vintage Pine   G&G Vintage Maple
G&G Vintage Cherry   G&G Black Alpin Grain   G&G Brown Alpin Grain   G&G Chestnut Pin Grain   G&G Brown Pin Grain   G&G Brown Highland Grain   G&G Burgundy Highland Grain   G&G Black Highland Grain
G&G Rustic Arran Grain   G&G Brown English Grain   G&G Black English Grain   G&G Oak Hatch Grain   G&G Chestnut Hatch Grain   G&G Burgundy Hatch Grain   G&G Espresso Hatch Grain   G&G Black Hatch Grain
G&G Mole Suede   G&G Polo Suede   G&G Tobacco Suede   G&G Black Suede   G&G Cedar Suede   G&G Fox Suede   G&G Oak Pig Skin   G&G Black Pig Skin

Vass 6125 Dark Cognac   Vass 6319 Cognac   Vass Cognac   Vass Antic Cognac   Vass Dark Red Cognac   Vass Oxblood   Vass Bordeaux
Vass Dark Brown   Vass Blue   Vass Black   Vass Bordeaux Scotchgrain   Vass Antic Cognac Scotchgrain   Vass Brown Scotchgrain   Vass Cognac Scotchgrain
Vass Black Scotchgrain   Vass Dark Brown Suede   Vass Medium Brown Suede   Vass Red Brown Suede   Vass Black Cordovan   Vass Antic Cognac Cordovan   Vass Bordeaux Cordovan

Last Step: Type of Sole.

Depending mainly on the use of the shoes (city, country,…), Choose the material (leather, rubber, …), and the thickness (single, double, haf) of the soles.

In each step, i will assist you and advise you on how to make the shoes you dreamed of, or maybe simply the one you miss everyday.